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Often a timely conversation with a trusted legal adviser who understands your business can be the difference between an expensive mistake and leveraging a valuable opportunity.   Our Firm does not have expertise in every area of the law.  It does, however, have considerable experience in serving as general corporate counsel to businesses ranging in size from the smallest start-up to businesses with markets caps of hundreds of millions of dollars.  We offer our best insights, and when appropriate and requested by our clients, we coordinate and draw upon the experience of subject area experts to achieve a desired result. 

Private Equity & Venture Capital Investments

Mr. Olinger has represented issuers in over 70 private securities offerings, helping his clients raise over $260 million dollars in the real estate, wind energy, oil and gas, banking, biodiesel, and technology sectors.   He has assisted companies conducting nationwide offerings as well as foreign companies conducting offerings into the United States.

He also represents venture capital investors in their acquisition of both control and non-control positions in companies across a variety of sectors.   We understand that a venture capital investment is usually the inception of a "business partnership", the strength of which will often determine the future arc of the enterprise.  We've been honored to advise a number of clients in not only their initial investment, but also their management of their investment position or target company over time, and ultimately, their successful exit from the position.

Real Estate

The Firm represents real estate investors and developers in their acquisition, development and sale of commercial, mixed-use, and multi-unit residential properties, frequently assisting with financing arrangements, operating agreement negotiations, and private equity capital raises.   In recent years, the Firm's clients have built one of the largest multi-unit residential properties ever constructed in Louisville, Colorado, as well as constructed or redeveloped a number of multi-unit residential and mixed-use properties in the Denver Metro Area.  Mr. Olinger has assisted in dozens of private equity offerings for real estate issuers.


The Firm has experience representing U.S.-based clients with operations or investments in Australia, The Netherlands, Southeast Asia and South America, particularly in the technology and energy sectors.  As general counsel for over a dozen years to a large natural gas exploration and production company, Mr. Olinger traveled numerous times to Thailand, and worked closely over many years with two multinational public company partners.  He has also spent considerable time in Central and South America.  He understands the dynamics of international business transactions and project development and has experience working across cultures and time zones to help clients build successful international business ventures.


The Firm assists clients in forming new corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships, and in modifying the principal documents of established enterprises when circumstances warrant.   We have the experience to help you identify potential business hurdles before they occur and to wisely plan for them in your most important business agreements.  We can also assist in issuing equity, options, or profit interests to key personnel.   We frequently assist in more routine contract matters as well, including master service agreements, non-disclosure agreements, employment agreements, shareholder agreements, and licensing agreements.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Sales

The Firm represents clients in mergers, acquisitions, or sales of small-to-mid-market sized companies.   For such transactions, the Firm offers efficient and economical staffing, centralized communication, and a highly responsive 24/7 approach.   On business owner exit transactions, the Firm often works with the owner and the owner's other professional advisers for several months to a year to prepare the business for sale.  These transactions are among the most challenging and rewarding for a law firm, and the Firm takes great pride in working with its clients to negotiate and close successful deals.